Table of Contents [Summarised]

[from Part-1 up to Abbreviations, is from the original; Abbreviations applied.

Preface ( also contains the next two lines ).

Publishing Plans; its history ( both in preface of the original )

This Work of Abridgement; Abbreviations mentioned; also, ' original ' is defined here]

Part-1 -- Commodities & Money

Ch-1: Commodities [C's]

Ch-2: Exchange

Ch-3: Money [M], or the circulation of commodities

Part-2 -- The transformation of M into capital

Ch-4: The general formula for capital

Ch-5: Contradictions in the general formula of capital

Ch-6: The buying & selling of labor-power [LabPwr]

Part-3 -- The production of absolute [Abs] surplus-value [SV]

Ch-7: The labor process [L-proc] and the process of producing SV

Ch-8: Constant capital and variable capital [ConCap & VarCap]

Ch-9: The rate of surplus-value [Rate-SV]

Ch-10: The working day [wDay]

Ch-11: Rate & mass of surplus-value [Rate-SV, Qty-SV]

Part-4 – Production [Prod] of relative SV

Ch-12: The concept of relative SV [Rel-SV]

Ch-13: Cooperation [Coop'n]

Ch-14: Division of labor [DOL] & manufacture [mftr]

Ch-15: Machinery & modern industry

Part-5 -- The Prod of Abs & Rel SV

Ch-16: Abs-SV and Rel-SV

Ch-17: Changes of size in the Price [P] of LabPwr & in SV

Ch-18: Various formulas for the Rate-SV

Part-6 -- Wages

Ch-19: The transformation of the V (hence, the P) of LabPwr into wages

Ch-20: Time-wages

Ch-21: Piece-wages

Ch-22: National differences of wages

Part-7 -- The accumulation [Accum] of capital

Ch-23: Simple reproduction [reProd]

Ch-24: Conversion of SV into capital

Ch-25: The general law [GL] of capitalist accumulation [Cp-Accum]

Part-8 -- The so-called primitive Accum

Ch-26: The secret of primitive Accum

Ch-27: Expropriation of the agricultural [agri] population [pop] from the


Ch-28: Bloody legislation against the expropriated from the end of 1400's

--forcing down of wages by acts of parliament

Ch-29: Genesis of the Cp-farmer

Ch-30: Reaction of the agri revolution on industry --Creation of the

home-market for industrial capital

Ch-31: Genesis of the industrial-Cp

Ch-32: Historical tendency of Cp-Accum

Ch-33: The modern theory of colonization

--works and authors quoted [not in abridgement]

--index [not in abridgement]

[Abbreviations used in the abridgement --and, a list of some kings and queens].

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