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Welcome. Sales STOPPED Jul28, 2016, as we talk with publishers about distribution.
Open for orders from Mar10, 2016, Pacific time, USA.
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400 letter-size pages reduced to 80.
Reduced 80%.  All material carefully captured.
Please see the back cover. Original 800 now 160 pages.

This book uses Abbreviations that are instinctive,
seen immediately in the Table of Contents, TOC,
Others, quite easy really, are stated at the end of the book.
As you read them, it is best to say them in full to yourself.

For partial pages we took the first chapter from each part of eight parts.
Nearly all chapters start with a ' We learn ' heading by the editor.
We show this, together with the first paragraph of the selected chapter.

Back cover as PDF    text

Table of Contents as PDF    text

Enlarged text of partial pages as PDF    ordinary text

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1. I have looked at the previews, and am satisfied.
2. After buying I know there will be no refunds or returns.
3. $24.75 each. Add $4.00 shipping. Ships postal within seven days.
4. Orders more than 10, 50, 100 units get discounts, free shipping. Don't mix lines 3,4 when buying.
5. This purchase (& edition) ships only in USA and its possessions.

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